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Useful links for law firm marketing professionals:

  • clipart.com
    web's largest collection of clipart, photos, fonts, animations and sounds.
  • Stock.XCHNG
    wide range of stock photography and much of it is free and for unrestricted use.
  • LawFirmMarketingWebsites.com
    veteran law firm marketing consultant Matthew Samp develops effective, turnkey websites for lawyers.
  • lawmarketing.com
    a useful resource for articles and statistics dealing with legal marketing
  • colpm.org
    check out the marketing best practice white papers found in the library section on this website for the College of Law Practice Management
  • firstResearch.com
    excellent source for thorough, industry-specific market research. Before rolling out a major presentation, or approaching a specific market, look up a report and find out the key issues and concerns that affect your prospective client and the decisions they make
  • newark1.com
    ideas and inspiration for good web design
  • lexblog.com
    use a blog to help market your firm

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