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LawPromotion is an online store for Corporate Signatures. We've been providing organizations with custom imprinted items for more than a decade.

Our customers are big and small, from all types of fields, and from all over the world. They include FedEx, the US Government, Ruby Tuesdays, General Electric and the Johns Hopkins University Medical Center.

Yearly, our programs and products impact about 2 million people. Most are B2B (business to business) promotions, but about 40% are employee recognition, safety awareness, customer appreciation or consumer-based.

Our clients could choose from dozens of our competitors. We could tell you that our customers choose us because of product selection and price. But there are lots of our competitors that offer that, too.

The reasons our customers choose us (we're told) is:

  • we ensure that orders are done correctly and on time
  • we give each of our accounts personal attention
  • we add value to our customers' business, providing ideas that will save you money, make your job easier, or increase your revenue


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