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How Promotional Products Help You Create 4Essential(TM) Relationships

Imprinted promotional products can play a big role in developing relationships using the 4Essentials™. (See the previous article for an explanation of the using the 4Essentials™ to build strong, lasting relationships with clients.)

These products are tangible items like coffee cups and mouse pads that are custom imprinted with your message. And they can support each of the 4Essentials™:


Promotional items are dimensional, so they immediately become noticed. Selecting an appropriate item and message will amplify its ability to get attention.


These items are tangible. People touch them, hold them and interact with them.


Items are given freely, and often with a ‘thank you.’ They’re functional. They’re appreciated.


Because they’re long lasting, promotional products work as a lasting marker, reminding people of the positive emotional memories associated with your message and your practice.

In Summary

Promotional products should be a strategic part of your firm’s marketing plan. They perform a highly effective role as an advertising medium, and more importantly, they support your efforts to build strong, long-term relationships based on the 4Essentials™.


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