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4 Keys to Creating Powerful Client Relationships

To maximize your relationship-building effort, you need to ensure that you communicate using four human elements, based on our emotional and social systems, to ensure your message is conveyed in the strongest, most positive way. Yes, you could communicate strictly with the recipient’s intellectual side, but then, you’d only be interacting with a small part of that person. If you expect to build bonds with your client, you need to consider these four elements. We call them the 4Essentials(TM):


Make sure your message has their attention. The average person is inundated with over 1000 messages everyday. Use excitement to break through the noise. How? Do something out of the ordinary. How about humor? Special events are useful environments to convey your message because, by definition, they’re special.


Now that you have their attention, you need to make sure they are actively participating – considering, thinking, doing. Being a passive recipient of information is ok, but does not make the most of the moment. How? Ask a question. Put them on the spot. Make them do something.


Understand that humans have developed social norms about giving and receiving. When you give assistance, information, or even a ‘thank you,’ recipients are compelled to reciprocate. Be sure to give something in your presentation.


We don’t remember events as a loose series of bits and pieces. Instead, we associate them with other memories and emotions, as anchors in the mind. Pavlov’s dog hears the bell and feels hungry. It’s not that you want bells to ring during your presentation, but you do want some consistent, positive emotional triggers to be activated when your presentation is recalled or your name is mentioned.


Imprinted promotional products can play a big role in developing relationships using the 4Essentials(TM). Promotional products are dimensional, so they immediately create excitement and get noticed. Selecting an appropriate item and message will amplify its ability to get attention and keep their attention. Because they're long lasting, promotional products work as a lasting marker, reminding people of the positive emotional memories associated with your message and your firm.


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