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Top Law Marketing Misconceptions

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Misconception #1: Marketing ends once the prospective client becomes a client

Whenever youíre communicating and relating to those who can impact the revenue of your firm, either directly or indirectly, youíre in a marketing mode. Building a loyal client following is marketing. Building a referral business is marketing. Establishing your name in the industry is marketing.

Misconception #2: If the ad doesnít do well once, pull it.

Marketing takes patience. Ads need to run multiple times before you can really estimate their impact.

Misconception #3: Running ads is a lot like gambling.

Experiment with ad copy and layout. Send out 500 mailing pieces instead of 5000. Track the results. Make a change. Send another 500. Avoid gambling on untested ads.

Misconception #4: They can have any color car they want, as long as it is black.

Henry Ford said this back in the days when Ford controlled the car market. Today, people understand they have options. The law firm that best aligns itself with the needs of the clients will be the most successful.

Misconception #5: I canít afford to market.

Youíre always marketing. If you want to direct that process, and use it to achieve your goals, then youíll have to invest time and resources in its implementation. You canít afford not to market.

Misconception #6: Design your ads with a committee.

It may seem like the diplomatic thing to do, however, youíll usually find the end result is ineffective. Assign the ad to one or two people who have an understanding of your Position Statement, and let them do their best.


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